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Bayspro is from Cindrebay, an institute of longstanding reputation as the leader in design education in India. The primary mission of Bayspro Institute of Animation and VFX is to provide a comprehensive and superior professional education in the study and practice of Animation and VFX.Bayspro offers rigorous, cutting-edge and market-driven degree/ diploma in Animation and VFX.Our core teaching philosophy of inspiring pride and love for craft among our students has c dustry with excellent design graduates who are now well placed professionals in India and abroad. As a pioneering design institute in India, we have welcomed students from different and diverse contexts and backgrounds; this has enriched and enlivened our community by making it multicultural. Our curriculum and teaching methodology The curriculum of our degree and diploma programs has been developed by accomplished academics and design industry professionals to help our students to systematically explore communication design in all its aspects: Animation techniques, Film and motion graphics, Sound design, Photography, Print media, Web design, Graphic design, Typography, User interface design, Interactive design, Advertising and promotion design, Publication design - print and electronic, Packaging design. The curriculum is in tune with the teaching philosophy of experiential learning. We facilitate well-informed risk-taking and experimentation from a grounded position of subject knowledge and understanding. An experiential approach to learning ensures that the student is never a passive learner. At Bayspro, we promote a design culture of practice, experience, experiment • We champion the importance of a multidisciplinary approach and students are encouraged in innovative use of multiple media • An understanding of 'user experience' and context in design will be fostered among students • We recognise that design does not exist outside of culture. Therefore, we encourage our students to be keen observers of socio-cultural milieu. For example, a professional has to be differently conscious and sensitive if she/he has to design a product for an Indian company or a global company. • We push students to recognise the subjective meanings in their designs and innovations along with an ability to objectively present the same • We emphasise on the relationship between theory and practice • We commit to make innovations and hands-on methods of learning the hallmark of our teaching practice • We provide platform to showcase projects and get critical appraisals from industry experts Facilities: • Small class sizes allow for one-on-one discussions with instructors and lots of personal attention. Your classmates will comprise dedicated students who would inspire and encourage you to work hard • Faculty members are picked from among the best in academics and industry. You will find experienced instructors who are passionate about what they teach and a design community always ready to motivate you. • Throughout the coursework, you will have access to excellent technical resources and support, including well equipped computer studios and design studios so that you can familiarise yourself and master advanced digital technology for the purpose of communication design • Our lectures, demonstrations, field trips, workshops, seminars and interactions with industry experts will give you an opportunity to network with the very best of creative professionals • Internships in India or abroad, campus interviews and placement support We strive to instill in our students an appreciation of Indian and international aesthetics and storytelling traditions along with techniques, state of the art technological innovations, market demands and functionality in contemporary society. The core approach in communication design is to always ask three important questions: What, why and for who? You will be pushed to think out of the box and develop a critical understanding of your own work along with an independence that forces you to assess your work strictly.


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Admission started..
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Storyboard workshop conducted for BSc Animation and VFX students #animation #preproduction #storyboard #baysprokannur #cindrebaykannur #designschool
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Admissions started for the new academic year. #baysprokannur #cindrebaykannur #bestdesignschool
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