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BSc Animation and VFX In the past few years, the fields of 3D Animation and Visual Effects have exploded. With innovations and improved tools, the discipline of Animation and Visual Effects has surpassed other fields of design, making animators more sought after than ever. The current scenario decidedly marks this as the best time to learn Animation and VFX. Bayspro’s degree programme in Animation and Visual Effects is an immersive and rigorous process intensive course designed to create animation professionals with excellent technical and presentation skills. Our coursework has been developed with an understanding of the radically expanding role of the animator in the entertainment industry. Like several animation schools, Bayspro focusses on teaching the fundamentals of becoming a visual effects artist. But we set ourselves apart with our emphasis on the practical, career-making expertise that prepares students for a creative professional life after the course. Our teaching faculty is composed of visual artists with several years of experience and who are dedicated to prepare the next generation of Animators and Visual Effects Artists for an ever-growing and competitive industry.
Stop-motion Animation Workshop conducted at Bayspro Institute of Animation and VFX What is a Stop-motion Animation? Stop-motion animation is when an image is drawn or a certain object or material is used such as pencil then it is moved/ drawn a very tiny bit, after doing that the next image is to photograph the whatever is been moved/ drawn and then put together, so when it is watched the images flows like a film Courses offered in Bayspro BSc Animation and VFX Diploma in Multimedia and VFX BSc Visual Communication