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Digital art is a term and a practice that has been prevalent in the museums and contemporary art sectors since the 1960s. As technological advances mean that digital innovations are now pervading many more areas of our lives, the arts industry is starting to take the work of artists working in the digital realm increasingly seriously. Digital art of actor Mohanlal by Vijil Venugopal Batch: BSc Animation and VFX Bayspro Institute of Animation and VFX
ANIMATION AND VFX INSTITUTE IN KANNUR Bayspro is from Cindrebay, an institute of a longstanding reputation as the leader in design education in India. The primary mission of Bayspro Institute of Animation and VFX is to provide a comprehensive and superior professional education in the study and practice of Animation and VFX. Bayspro offers rigorous, cutting-edge and market-driven degree/ diploma in Animation and VFX.Our core teaching philosophy of inspiring pride and love for craft among our students has created a unique and thriving design culture. Our dedicated teachers and mentors have consistently provided the design industry with excellent design graduates who are now well-placed professionals in India and abroad.